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Easy work, a little gold

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Aaron Beaudry
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Visited when the Trinity River was very high/fast so there wasn't a ton of good ground to prospect and it was impossible to sluice. Used my metal detector to scan crevices and dig out material anywhere I got stronger signals. Found at least a couple flakes in most pans, and found one hole that had collected TONS of trash (see pic) but unfortunately not much gold to go along with it. Would love to go back sometime when the water isn't so high and some better ground is exposed and sluicing is an option.


Claim has some history

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Jahn DeRyke
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The pros about this claim are there is easy flood gold to be found off the bed rock and to crevice. The claim is easy to get to, like others said get ready to use your pan of you're staying road side. The claim has history of being worked in the past from old broken cable on the eagle creek side, probably to hold a dredge and transport equipment. It is on a beautiful spot of the river and is a great place to spend a nice day at. A deep pool with sand would be great swimming spot too. Theres a old camp spot between the trinity and eagle creek. Little gold to be found in eagle creek.
The cons are it's right off hwy 299 with very little options to park. Since it's in a pretty spot random people driving by stop and park dangerously close to the highway and vehicle just to look around and take pictures. Since theres constant traffic, just be heads up and you should be ok.
Good claim!


Plaque explained...

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Yancy Woodard
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The plaque was placed by a former claim owner whose wife passed; it was her favorite spot on the river.



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So when you are looking at the claim it looks like you would have to swim to the other side of the river to find gold. False. You can find plenty of flood gold all over in the oddest of spots. Crevice tools and pan is about all you can run since the river doesn’t have a spot to run a sluice or anything at least from what I could tell. (No claim markers or signs were present as well)


First pan gold

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Thomas Warinner
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Found gold on the first and second pan!!! Didn’t find the plaque🤷‍♂️ Super impressed with the amount of gold found In the crevices.. will come back with a sniping device so y’all better beat me there🤗happy hunting!! Lots of bedrock lots of black sand... bring the classifiers and crevassing devices sluicing is not to probable here... lots of rubble ie fishing weights and tin cans