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Bedrock Not Productive

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Aaron Beaudry
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The water was running way too high and fast to sluice when I visited so instead of digging in the gravel bar towards the front of the claim I tried my luck at the exposed bedrock towards the tail end. That bit is not an overly promising location with the river as high as it is and It showed signs of being heavily worked previously, and the areas left that I chose to work were not productive. There was some gold but nothing beyond small flakes and not nearly enough to be worth the time and effort invested.

I'd visit again when the river is lower but probably not before then.


Easy access

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Easy access from Hwy. 96. Worked claim for four days with very good results. Was adventurous and crossed river in canoe...opposite bank is large and has hardly been touched. Spring rains have deposited good gold on the bars. Clear cobblestones and work sands beneath. Swift river very careful if attempting to cross...wear a life jacket! Fine gold to large flake gold. Please do not dig around the exposed culvert on the roadside of the river...I don't want to see us lose this claim. Thank you!