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Multiple Access Points — 2x4

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Aaron Beaudry
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The claim includes a large stretch of the river and there are multiple access points from the highway. Additionally if you wanted to access the other side of the claim there is a road shown on google maps that runs to it, though I can't speak for the condition of that road.

From the highway there is a loose dirt road that runs to the front of the claim, and then you can also access the tail end directly via the highway.


JPL1 scenic drive. — 2x4 or 4x4

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Brian Becker
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Traveling north or south along the I five You Take Highway 96 exit it’s right there by a big rest stop it crosses over the Klamath River and as you head west on Highway 96 enjoy the long winding curvy scenic road to the claim easy access off the highway large pull out you can use for a camper to camp and as well off to the right from the pull out is a small trail to a large gravel bar otherwise most of the claim is along the edge of the river where there’s good gravel boulders to dig through and some bedrock just west of the culvert .


JPL 1 Coordinates — 2x4

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Joel Thomson
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Here's what I have for the boundary points for the JPL 1 claim:
County Nearby City Claim Page Point Name Coords DMS Coords D Latitude Longitude
Siskiyou Happy Camp JPL 1 142
Ingress 41°48'32.8" -123°06'55.1" 41.809119, -123.115295 41.809119 -123.115295
Center 41°48'28.921" -123°06'40.0" 41.808034, -123.111111 41.808034 -123.111111
NW 41°48'32.483" -123°07'1.766" 41.809023, -123.117157 41.809023 -123.117157
NE 41°48'39.270" -123°06'18.167" 41.810908, -123.105046 41.810908 -123.105046
SW 41°48'26.323" -123°07'1.790" 41.807312, -123.117164 41.807312 -123.117164
SE 41°48'26.249" -123°06'26.932" 41.807291, -123.107481 41.807291 -123.107481
E 41°48'32.483" -123°06'18.167" 41.809023, -123.105046 41.809023 -123.105046
MIDE 41°48'32.483" -123°06'26.932" 41.809023, -123.107481 41.809023 -123.107481
MID 41°48'32.483" -123°06'35.697" 41.809023, -123.109916 41.809023 -123.109916
N 41°48'39.270" -123°06'35.697" 41.810908, -123.109916 41.810908 -123.109916

Copy this data into a spreadsheet to see the columns lined up.


Access from Highway 96, not Ladd Road... — 4x4

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Jared Smith
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I visited JPL1 on July 5, 2024, though I was unable to do any prospecting due to the difficult access from Highway 96. Steep drop offs and lots of thorny brush. I suppose if you can find a way to get through these two obstacles then you're good to go.

A couple of locals told me to use Ladd Road on the other side of the river, which is accessed about five minutes west on the highway, but that ended up turning into a four hour long dead end. Most of Ladd Road is unpaved and very rough, eventually leading to multiple private property signs. You will need a hang glider or an extremely long winch to reach the claim from its closest point on this road.

There is a split where Ladd Road continues upward and around the hill while another path leads downhill. The downward path is a bit overgrown and washed out to vehicle access about 200 feet from the split. Caution advised.