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Good gold if you pick your spots well

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Aaron Beaudry
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I spent a day and a morning on the claim and used various methods to try and find gold. It's hit or miss but there is good gold to be found and I really only scratched the surface of the claim. I tried digging in flood sands, digging beneath heavier overburden in a promising channel, gathering moss from various locations, and crevicing.

Crevicing yielded easily the best gold, but with limited supply/promising areas and diminishing returns. Digging in flood material was not productive, digging beneath heavier overburden was productive but modest, and gathering moss was hit or miss and never better than ok. I also tried a bit of detecting with no results.

For 20 acres there is a lot of promising ground to work, and my results crevicing showed that there is potentially very good gold to be found if you hit the right spots. There should be spots to set up a sluice if you find enough material to make it worth it. For me, I spent so much time testing new areas that I never got around to sluicing.

Plenty of small to larger flakes and flour in the good pans, and the biggest piece I found was very close to being a picker. Hit the right spots and I think this claim could be very productive.


rough edges

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Went up to this location to check it out real quick for a possible camping trip to do some real prospecting. There is some real potential here but it is obvious that it has been heavily mined and dredged. There are some spots in the start and in the end of the inside bend that has some really old dirty gravel build up. Was able to find a few rough edge specs. This claim looks like one that will require some serious rock moving to get to the real good stuff but i was able to find gold in the surface material just under some rocks. This are requires you to think outside the box on where the gold will be.