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Easy Access to Area, Road Onto Claim Tough — 2x4

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Aaron Beaudry
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Access to the area adjacent to the claim is very easy, the road is paved. Note that the road is very narrow and winding for ~2 miles before the claim and long vehicles/trailers (30 ft or more) would be strongly discouraged. There is a very steep/short (driveway length) and loosely bound dirt road down from the main road down to the claim itself. If you do not have 4 wheel drive then this road should be taken very cautiously, suggest walking it first to assess for yourself before descending. I have a very capable 2 wheel drive vehicle, stopped halfway down, and still came very close to not making it back up this road. There is car/van length parking along the main paved road if you decide not to chance it. Once onto the claim there is plenty of room for dispersed camping and I actually ran into some campers while there.

There is a claim marker posted but it is not filled out, and there are multiple hand painted "no mining" signs posted on the road in. I'm not sure what is going on with this bit it certainly made me a little nervous while working the claim. They read like they were probably posted by a previous claim owner (or maybe the GPAA?) and the never taken down. There is no cell service there otherwise i would have checked LR2000 to verify the status of the GPAA claim. If you're thinking of going out I would strongly suggest you run a report on the area to verify that the GPAA claim is current.