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Good claim

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Fine/flake flood gold in bedrock cleanouts...creek has been worked extensively. Bench material was productive with hard digging.


D and J1 Downieville Ca. sierra county

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Bernadette Lombardi
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Go over bridge into Downieville. Take a right onto Main Street and follow to the fork. Take the upper road sailors ravine and follow for 4.8 miles you will see the claim sign D and J1. Its a one car 4x4 with some wet spots in the road. It's absolutely beautiful but the bugs will drive you crazy. I went and camped for two nights and found very fine gold. You won't see it if you don't know what to look for. The claim is on the downie river. I was there aug 30 thru sept 1 2017. Bernadette Lombardi



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Bernadette Lombardi
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In the new book of claims several more cordinence points were added. This was very helpful.
There is a sign written on a big piece of ply board that says gpaa claim ends here and it looks like the gpaa posted it. This is not posted by the gpaa. There are two guys the one has guy has posted a claim stake at cordinence #10 and at #12 another guy is trying to claim the other side of the river. The guy at number 12 can put his big toe in the water and mine but our claim is on the other side. I think these two guys posted that big sign. I don't want to be on a claim that's someone else's so I brought someone with me to help me find the claim. The number 12 guy was not happy that I was doing this and for two seasons I have had to ignore him when he goes off. I want to mark all of the points for every gpaa member. Good place to go. Pan sluice.



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Bernadette Lombardi
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The road is fixed you have two road closed signs I move drive by and replace the s8gns.
Last visit was Oct 2018.


Nice spot for camping. Not too bad for gold too.

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Larry Trigg
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Lots of water still in late July and tough to cross the creek. Recommend moss soled boots and the buddy system at all time for safety. Waders were not necessary as the water is plentiful but not that cold if you compare it to the beaches of Northern California at least. I think waders are dangerous too. They can fill with water.

I did some detecting. Allot of hot rocks near the creek that were not tuned out with my pulse induction detector! Recommend finding some areas close to bedrock for better detecting. Good luck finding those! Bring a GPS to be sure you stay on the GPAA claim. There are adjacent claims!

Crevicing: I actually didn't sluice much at alll, we mostly creviced. We found the gold to be small, stubborn, but consistent. Sort of like a mule, IF you can find areas where it was trapped in gravels or clay near the water.

Here's a picture of the cleanup I did. No flakes, only fines, but the fines were somewhat chunky which was encouraging. Best of luck!