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D and J1 — 4x4

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Bernadette Lombardi
Step 1 of 2

Go to Downieville ca in sierra county. Go over bridge and make a right onto Main Street follow to the fork. Take the upper road Sailors Ravine not the lower that leads down. Follow for about 4.8 miles you will see the claim sign D and J1. The road fits one car only with several small water crossing. You will drive upwards and will look down at the river and then down to it. There is a very large pile of tailings and you will be there.


GPS coordinates — 4x4

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Adam Fry
Step 1 of 1

It would be nice to have the CAMC file # as well as the GPS coordinates for the 4 corners. This would give us the ability to explore without getting off the claim.


4x4 means 4x4 — 4x4

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Jack Hutchens
Step 1 of 3

New to the whole gpaa! And not understanding it all missed the 4x4 only part of directions on the getting there! SO BEFORE you asked we went in our Ram 3500 4x4 dually with our cab over camper! Did I mention this is a 4x4 road???
We made it in had three beautiful days found a few specks of gold but we had a blast anyway. The short of it 4x4 MEANS 4X4 ROAD. I'm sure there is great gold there but we felt blessed to make it in and out without tumbling down the cliff side! Go and be safe!


Access As Stated in Mining Guide — 4x4

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Larry Trigg
Step 1 of 1

Access was not bad if you have a 4 wheel drive but I don’t recommend anything but a 4X4 due to clearance needed over some areas of the rocky dirt road. As mentioned in previous postings, Sailor Ravine road was not out but you will have to cross about 4 areas where the road crosses small tributaries. That was in July 2019, maybe they will dissipate by fall, but I would not be surprised if some of them continue to the next rains since last year was so wet. End of the site was marked but not the beginning, at least what I saw. Beginning was clear enough by the rock face as mentioned in the mining guide and the campsite was clean.


Road conditions — 4x4

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Bernadette Lombardi
Step 1 of 1

1.3 miles down sailors ravine the road is washed out. You could walk or bike it 3.5 miles in.
May 27 2018.

This road was improved last summer.