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Water and poison oak

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Edwin Krueger
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There is still a little poison oak out so be aware. last week the water was back up enough for panning. more rain since and more expected will bring it back up to sluicing levels.
I am still finding tiny flour gold, small flake, and the occasional small picker. I have not done much in the way of detecting. I have been told that detecting is no good but I disagree, I am sure that a detecter will find some targets but you have to be willing to work the difficult terrain not just the easy areas.

I still recommend this claim as it does have gold and is very peaceful. You won't get rich but you will enjoy the great out doors.


Claim Boundaries

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Boundary of claim
NE Corner 33 05'52.87"N 116 39'32.16"W
SW Corner 33 05'00.92"N 116 40'19.26"W


Doing things the hard way

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I wen out Saturday to do some panning. I had read the previous reports that said there was no easy way down to the claim. I did some google earth views and decided where I would attempt to go from. i took my go bag and a couple buckets to use. It was a very difficult path to follow down as it wen over several waterfalls. About half way down I decided to drop the buckets as I needed my hands free for climbing down into the canyon. I did a little crevising on my way down. I did not find any gold on the way down but I did find large pieces of lead in the bottom of the first crevice. I got to the bottom and found a spot to work. I found absolutely nothing there. It was time to head back up but I looked the claim up in the book. Thats when I found out that there is supposed to be a trail from the park picnic tables so after I made it out I went to the park to look for it as I planned to come back Sunday. Sure enough I found it. Park in Inaja park, go to the picnic table that is the farthest down the hill. To the left is the trail going down to the claim. It will put you right into the convergence of the two creeks at the North east corner of "Warrior". It is pretty steep but it is fairly easy to travel but it is a hell of a work out. Sunday I went back with my cousin and we work two more spots. We found four 100 minus, maybe even 200 minus, specks of gold. We did however find two large garnets about 3/8in to 7/16in in sphere form. I knew they were garnets due to the facets that I could see. It was a great day though very peaceful and relaxing. There was plenty of running water that you could set up a sluice in, and plenty of pools to pan in. I will be going back the first chance I get. Next time however I will go deeper into the claim. I do recommend this claim as it is fairly easy to access and parking is good. As for large flakes of gold on the claim as described in the book, that needs more exploration to get a good judgement.


Almost no Gold, Rattlesnake, Poison Oak

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Daniel Sepich
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Panned a few different locations, just a few tiny specks of gold. Detected for a while as well to no avail.

The terrain and overgrowth is tough, lots of poison oak in the area, and as I was climbing down the creek boulders back to my starting point I ran across a very large rattlesnake. Encouraged him to move along since he was completely blocking my way down and thankfully did not have an incident.

Beautiful place, but tough terrain and not much gold coming home with me.


Advanced terrain

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Michael Kranz
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I dug up stream Colman creek. Down San Diego river past the split and at the waterfall. Dug out the sides of two different banks. Took samples from under trees. Broke open bed rock and crevice. Found a spec almost every pan. Some times many specs. There’s gold. Just need to find the pockets. There’s a lot of pyrite. Lots of poison oak. Very little water flow right now. Everything is exposed. This is a place for experts