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About a 10 min hike down... — 2x4

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John Sproule
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I park at Inaja Day Use Area. Free parking. No overnight camping or parking. Strictly enforced per Ranger. I walk east basically straight to the picnic area, about 100 ft, then down stairs toward a picnic table 40 ft away. Before I reach it I look for a trail thru the brush on my left going down. The trail is steep most of the way down with a few rest spots; about 200 ft vertical drop. Includes a scramble over a very large boulder. Avoid side trails as they end soon. I wear sturdy boots. Long pants. Watch for poison oak. I cut it back in several places last fall. About 5 min hike down for me; and 15 min back up with the steep climb and my new found gold hoard. With a 20 lb backpack of detector, 2 classifiers, pan, jug of water & food. Call me a fit 60+ Big John.

On site you immediately see Coleman Creek meets San Diego River. A sand pit where you stand. Coleman Creek is bedrock going left upwards. Topped with rocks & boulders of various size. It's accessible with high banks both sides. I trimmed the brush for easier access upstream for a ways. To your right is the SD River with lots of boulders slight down grade for a good ways downstream. I walk in the stream bed. Before the brush thickens and the creek starts its drop. I haven't ventured beyond the easier parts in either direction.


Warrior claim — 2x4

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As of 2-18-2020 this claim has no safe parking for your vehicle. The driveway into the parking lot has a sink hole at the entrance . The USFS shows this parking area as open but it is not, I notified the USFS in the Palomar district to update there website to show that it is really closed not open. I hope this helps all members trying to visit this claim.


Trail to claim — 2x4

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GPS coordinates for trail head are 33deg 05' 54.02 / 116deg 39' 50.15" elevation 3329ft

On HWY 78 and HWY 79 between Santa Ysabel and Wynola is the Inaja park. Park in the parking lot of the park. Hike down to the picnic tables. When you are at the farthest picnic table going down the hill, turn to the left and you will fin the trail head. it is not much more than a game trail. It is a fairly easy trail with only a few spots that require a little effort to make the larger step down. The hike down takes about 10 min coming back up takes 15. The trail takes you down to the claim where the 2 creeks join at the North East courier of the claim.


How?? How do you get here? I did the hardest way!! — 2x4

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Shawn Badolian
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I parked at the Inaja Memorial Park.
On the opposite side of the parking lot from the bathroom is a closed gate. If you walk around to the left of the gate there’s an opening and you can follow the road up and around to the left. I headed for the electrical tower and bushwhacked straight down the canyon. It was very steep. very slippery. decomposing and loose rock everywhere. Sharp bushes that cut my arms and legs to shreds. And oh- let me mention EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!!

Once I got down- absolutely beautiful little waterfall into a pond. lots of Iron rock reminded me of Iron Mountain in east fork san gabriel. I could totally use my sluice as there hasn’t been any rain since last year practically and here we are xmas and its still got water everywhere. cell reception with verizon was 1 bar but text was working all down there.
I could not find the claim but had fun exploring and eating. I will not come back unless I find an easier way down there. might be a long way ariund by road?? If there’s an easier way it’s definitely worth it!!! Lots of contact points, quartz, pyrite, purple goodness.. you will for sure work your arse off if there is any gold. my Minelab had zero hits. neither did my garrett. it may be a pocket hiding..


Easy go get to the water. — 2x4

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Eugene Lysak
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Just check the first few minutes of my video. I show you exactly what it looks like and point you to the trail. Easy peasy.