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Hey Buddee 1 Barstow Claim

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Steve Scukanec
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Using a recirculating Highbanker, recovered small flakes and several fines and ultra fines. Prospect in wash areas and dig 12 to 15 inches to the Caliche layer [hard pack white in color]. Work the dirt just above the layer. Follow the layer. Several reports by other prospectors of small nuggets using metal detectors above the Caliche layers as well.


Hey Budee pays off!

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Spent 2 days in the coolgardie mining district one day prospecting the Hey budee 1 claim the 2nd day on the placer Pete claim be sure to check out the Placer Pete claim for the GPAA and see my review as we got some real nice chunky gold off that claim.

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Went to the Hey buddy claim I won't tell you which post marker we were nearby but we were 50' from one of the corner markers the gold is plentiful decomposed granite pays off the digging is not always the easiest but the gold is right on top of the coleche anywhere from a few inches to 2 to 3' down it's even and consisted a great day! met a friend of mine another GPAA member Bill McCoy from Lone Pine we prospect it 2 days together each of us got a nice little payoff on each claim check it out


hey budee was tough today

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met up with another GPAA member on the Hey Budee 1 claim. we decided to try to sample the claim and work many different areas to find the gold and wanted to pass on what we learned to other members in hopes you will get your share of the Yellow Stuff! the xx's are areas that DID NOT produce gold. the G's are the areas that produced.
I worked 6 areas total for the day. first 4 spots I dry washed I struck out. last few spots the gold was sparse but got better as I worked to the west on the claim in the washes. I have posted photos to see where to work with the most success. the area near the south east marker are the richest if have found working the dirt above the caliche. make sure to sweep or vac up anything left on the hard pack layer. the other thing I think many folks steer away from is working the decomposed granite. that stuff holds gold all over the Coolgardie area and should not be passed up without sampling. x's are no gold G's are gold areas


some flakes near the G spot

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follow Charles Jojola's map and went to the G spot and around. metal detected for 3 hours all over the load area he dowsed. nothing but some 50 cal shells, tips and shackles from the artillery.
set up dry washer in a high mineralized drifts sluffing off the hill (load area) ran 3 buckets panned out and found nice flake. ran 9 more buckets. could not tell if gold was on top or down lower but I did get some more when I took the cons home and worked them.
one of the access roads that would take you straight to the G spot on the map is closed now with a red maker from BLM that says access closed but plenty of other accesses to get close.
walked the claim and the claim marker in the center has a box on it that has been vandalized and whatever contents are gone and the door is ripped off and missing.
nice area, I am looking forward to going back and seeing the other areas of this claim they looked good. I will get more gold next time


Lode discovered between HB #1 & 9

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I surveyed the area using map dowsing and discovered a lode running between HB #1 & 9. Most of the gold is settling on HB #9 claim at the marker "G".