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GPS Coordinates for SE corner of HB #1 — 2x4

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The correct GPS coordinates for the South/East corner of the claim are: 35 degrees 6' 2" N and -117 degrees 4' 23" W.
From Barstow, take Irwin Road north. Turn left onto Copper City Road. Just past the top of the hill, there's a marker on the left side of the road (BM3960). Continue past the marker for 3/4-mile and turn left on Coolgardie Road (4' steel pipe with yellow paint on top) near a stand of Joshua trees. Continue on Coolgardie Road for 5.6-miles to the South/East corner of the claim.


Hey Budee1 — 2x4

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Stanley Williams
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2x2 ok, Both ways into the claims are off of Irwin Rd. There is the first way in Fossil Bed Rd which comes up first off Irwin Rd. I choose to take the Copper City Rd into the claim which is the second way into claim.


good directions — 2x4

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followed the map Charles Jojola has listed and went to the G-spot.
the access road closest to the spot is now listed as no access but plenty of other ways to get close near by. high mineralization in the dowsed area with visible signs. very nice area and claim. load is a hill when you climb to the top the 360 view is spectacular.
claim maker in center of claim is vandalized.