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Some of the location of gold on this claim

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GPAA Claims
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This area is about 1500 feet sown the road where you turned off of Red Cloud Road and less than 800 feet from the camp site if you decide to use it. Members have found free gold in layers of decomposed metamorphosed gneiss that is in the form of ribbons. It is decomposing and releasing the gold it holds. It is spotty and one area will have it and another will not have free gold when it the decomposed layers. Prospecting is a necessity and many parts of this claim have not been prospected. Access can be very challenging and there is a lot of jumping Cholla cactus in the area so keep track of your pets.


Technique impressive, results disapointing

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Duane Tanner
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Detected for 4 hours did not find any gold. The soil conditions are damp which prevent drywashing.