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To Bautista Placer — 2x4

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GPAA Claims
Step 1 of 3

Car OK to get to claim location. At Florida Ave. / Hwy. 74 and Fairview Ave turn south.


Road Closed but…. — 2x4 or 4x4

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Verne McNamara
Step 1 of 1

When we arrived we found the dirt road clearly marked as closed. We had planned this for weeks and disappointed of our findings however, we learned that the dirt road was washed out back in February and not even 4x4 with high clearance can pass. So the road was closed as it does not exist.

We did make our way to the claim with approval from another Official that we had spoken with and could access it from the north. We were approached by a ranger who had let us go as we had other approval however approval or not, if we were found there again while the road is closed we would be ticketed. This claim should be avoided until the road issues are addressed.


Road open, some water in creek, drove Honda Accord — 2x4

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Serhiy Ivanov
Step 1 of 3

I drove Honda Accord from NW via Bautista Canyon Rd which goes through a citrus plantation.


Road closed [again] — 4x4

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Doug Wozny
Step 1 of 1

9/1/2019: Bautista road is fully closed between the conservation camp and the Anza area. Talking to a couple rangers, they have not been able to repair flood damage because they have been concentrating efforts and budgets on the main highways through the mountain after the recent fires and floods. A section of the 243 is totally closed at the moment between Pine Cove and Banning, and the 74 coming in from Hemet is only available by escort to Mountain Center. It's still a big mess up there! They mentioned there are some rugged hiking trails that may get you to the claim from the north, but it was 105F outside and a hike like that was not going to happen. I did a little more research upon return and found the Riverside County sites do show it (as well as other roads in the area) as closed.


easy to get to — 2x4

4 0
Step 1 of 1

from hemet calif....florida ave east to fairview...go south.....follow rd till u see stopsign...road curves to left...keep going past bridge....past ccc camp...road then turns to dirt...follow dirt till u get to second big bend...ur on the east side of the claim...