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Great potential

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One hour of test pans revealed fine colors in creek. A day of digging would probably be very productive. Watch for snakes, mountain lions...Dense brush/grass. Beautiful area. Lots of deer!


Easy access

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Roger Sleight
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Very easy to access. Claim runs along paved road, level open terrain. Great camping close by at Antelope Lake. Found lots of fine gold along banks.


Decent Color

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Found decent color at the Nugget Trap this year after a day of testing/digging. Tall grass and rugged terrain. Dig past the topsoil and look for compacted gravels. Did not dig to bedrock (too hot/no shade), but good color should be there...if you dig to bedrock, be sure to thoroughly crevice and carefully sweep up all sands with a broom or paintbrush. That’s where I usually have my best finds...🤝.


could not find a nugget trap

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Garet Emmerson
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nice paved road access entire length of claim, Nice scenic drive up to claim.

Dense brush makes access a little difficult. Beaver dam and pond cover a 1-200 yards of claim in front of parking lot.

Lots of Granite and decomposing granite every where. I did not go from end to end, but probably covered 400 yards of claim and could not find any good bed rock to crevace in. Ended up digging and panning between and behind some large rocks. lots of black sand and lots of heavy rocks, found some pepper gold, but even 3 1/2 ft down did not find any bed rock, did hit some clay though.


Location Where I Found Color In 2020

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Hey Roger, and fellow members…this is a more difficult area to prospect due to dense brush/tall grass, and heavy silt covering above pay gravels. The photo shows the area I prospected in July 2020 and found what I did in the photo. The location was just north of the center of the claim, at the gooseneck turn. It was a long/hard day of digging…I dug at about a 45 degree angle into the opposite side above the creek. I was able to cross the stream there around the sharp bend, and yes, there was a beaver dam just upstream at the location. I doubt I’ll be returning to prospect there, but there’s color to be found.