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KEN & BRIAN #1 & #2

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Prospecting Ken & Brian #2

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Lenny Confer
Step 1 of 1

This is a narrow, fast moving stream and after prospecting for over an hour on the lower 1/3 of the claim, I gave up. On my next to last pan I found my only 2 colors, both flour sized. Due to the volume of rock in the stream and speed of the current this is a very difficult claim to mine with hand equipment and it was obvious from the quantity/location of the tailing piles that everyplace that was relatively easy to dig had been throughly searched already most likely with a highbanker.



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Thomas Fish
Step 1 of 1

be care full if you visit this claim. someone has put a bear baiting station right smack in the middle of these claims.


Attempted access

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Step 1 of 1

Attempted to access the location but do to road construction it was posted construction access only. I didn’t want to give us prospectors a bad name so I did not enter the claim.


Poor to Fair Pickens

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Sterling Talbot
Step 1 of 3

The 1st claim you'll encounter going up the mining road/trail is not GPAA. The 2 GPAA claims are upstream. The claim owner evidently is tired of GPAA members working HIS claim so he has posted a nice drawing of where his claim is & where our claims are-photos attached...