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KEN & BRIAN #1 & #2

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Not accessible — 2x4

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Chris Butters
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Chugiak power and electric have fenced off the area and restricted access. They will not allow access to claim.


Land Status is Chugach National Forest, not BLM — 2x4

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Benjamin Belfiglio
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I have not been to the claims but know the area. Posted this in response to a forum question on access thought I should repost here. Access is about 10.25 miles South of the Hope Turn off on the Seward Hwy, just before Summit Lake Lodge on the West side of the highway. There is no motorized access because of National Forest rules. You can hike past the powerline access gate and it sounds like there is a decent trail up valley. On Google Earth it looks like it leaves from the power line right near the power station at the access road. You can park across the highway near the lodge, a large portion of their Parking lot is in the highway right of way or there is a pretty big shoulder near the Tenderfoot Campground Rd. Online guide had a report of a bear baiting staion near the claims at some point, so pack your choice of protection. Other claims before GPAA claims, check coordinates in Printed Mining Guide to ensure you are on correct claims.