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Remote area

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Decent flood gold in creek...BENCH material productive. Dig deep (about 3-4 feet). I believe my best gold came from the blue green clay and rust colored gravels...older material. Photo does not include cons from two days of playing in the creek. FYI to my GPAA friends-10/15/2019 update to my last post in 2017 = any/all claims in Plumas County are good! Great area, except gasoline is outrageous. Own my own claim in Plumas County now and absolutely love it thanks to Grizzly Gold A/GPAA. Be aware of your surroundings, bear and mountain lions in the area. Not a problem/don’t harm...but be alert. Advanced Geologic has additional claims on Little Grizzly Creek for sale...Hint, Hint-GPAA. May your pans be golden!


Can't believe more members don't visit

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I have visited these claims often in past years! very easy access and the fine and flake gold is good. Mainly flood and run off gold with an occasional small nuggie!! I used to visit more often but ran into an older gentleman who had a claim further up little Grizzley and ended up owning his claims--long story. Point is you all should start using these claims! Beautiful country, east day trip and the way in from Lake Davis has lots of road repair this year. Try it!! You'll definitely find color in your pans if you do!!


Update to 2017

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FYI GPAA friends, 07/2019 revisit again revealed decent flood gold in/near heavily dug creek and even pickers from older BENCH material. Dig deep (3-4 feet). I believe my best gold came from the blue/green clay and older rust colored gravel. Don’t be fooled, any/all claims in Plumas County are good and Little Grizzly Creek is a great area to prospect. Indian Valley is a special/pristine area. Grizzly Gold A (“thanks GPAA!”) sparked my interest of the area in 2017. As a result, my family and I now own our own claims in the area and LOVE it! Advanced Geologic has additional claims for sale on Little Grizzly Creek...(GPAA-Hint, Hint). Be alert and aware of your surroundings, abundant wildlife including bear and mountain to see from a distance. May your pans be yellow!