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Additional directions — 2x4

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Roger Sleight
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Walker Mine Road is also Plumas County Road 113. Had some extensive improvement by the county in May 2017. Each claim has a narrow road that takes you down to the claims. A 2X4 can do it if you're cautious but I don't recommend a trailer. There's some room for parking and turning around and primitive camping. Claim signs are visible.


General Directions — 2x4

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GPAA Claims
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From Taylorsville at Nelson Street and Arlington Road take Arlington Road .5 miles. Turn right onto Genesee Road / N. Valley road and continue on Genesee Road for 6.2 miles. Turn right onto Beckwourth / Taylorsville Road for .3 miles. Turn right to stay on Beckwourth / Taylors Road / Walker Mine Road for 1.9 miles.
Photo near middle of claims A & B.


Better Directions — 2x4

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Dave Hoffmann
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The claim is at 2.5 miles after you turn onto Walker Rd. The GPAA sign is located about 50 yards down the entrance on the right side of the road.


Grizzly Gold A ( spot on directions ) — 2x4

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Jeff Martinez
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After you get to Beckwourth Taylorville Rd. drive 2.49 miles.


Grizzly gold A in plumas co. Ca. — 2x4

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Bernadette Lombardi
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The directions that Jeff martinez listed are spot on from geneness. From portola via hwy 70 to grizzly rd is a bit tricky. Once your on rd 113 which is beckworth/taylorsville rd you need to make two lefts one to stay on beckworth/taylorsville rd the second left walker rd there are no helpful signs and it's several miles down the road and road turn off to claim on the left. You won't see claim sign from turn off until you are driving down claim rd. On the right. How I found this claim was I drove all the way to the walker/taylorsville rd where genenesse/taylorsville rd dead ends into walker/taylorsville rd than follow Jeff martinez which I think is 1.6 miles back to claim rd on the right no sign till you turn on to claim rd part way down.