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What a beautiful spot! (Visited 07/04/2019)

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Aaron Pippin
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Hands down one of the most beautiful places to prospect I've been to! This spot seems to have almost anything you can ask for. Beautiful scenery, plenty of bedrock to crevice, right on the inside bend, and there is small gold everywhere! It's been worked, yes, but my falcon md20 was still picking up targets. There's good gold to be had if you put in the effort and know how (The people who were there when I arrived showed me the picker they found there last year). The gold in my pic is about 3 buckets of (truth be told, mostly overburden) material through a fluid bed sluice around a bedrock crevice. The trail is hard, I wont lie, but if your looking for an all around amazing prospecting experience, this is a really good spot!


Visited 4/28/19

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Ryan Mick
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Water is still pretty high, but found some fines in the rocks near the water level. Looks like someone is living under the large boulder. They have a bit of stuff there but never saw them. Could not find any of the marker posts, but it is possible that they are unreachable due to the water depth. The trail down needs some work so be careful taking gear down and back up. Nice little space for camping. There is a claim to the north of the bridge called "Holy Moly", it is posted "no prospecting" on their access route down to the river on the north west side of the bridge.


Is there really

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Jeff Allen
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Is there really homeless in the area? I looked on google earth and there's no towns or anything close by, I can't imagine it would be easy to live out there as there is no where to get food or shelter if necessary, has anyone else had similar encounters?


General Look...

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Was there on the road just to look around Monday, Jan 21 and the water was HIGH. I did waled the road to the foot of the bridge and found some nice flakes. I worked this part and up stream of the river about 11 years ago and it has very nice gold but you need to move material to find it. if your willing to put in the effort you will be rewarded! There are a lot of BIG rocks and boulders that have not been moved in 20 years. I will be back again when the water is lower with a hooka system.
If you plan on spending the night, there is a homeless in the area and will sometimes claim "Miss placed" tools.


Easy Access to Nice River Claim

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First visit to Nancy’s Gold, in late October 2018. We pan/sampled on the East side from the bridge down to the camping area in the morning, and sluiced on the opposite side of the river in the afternoon. Worked bedrock, crevices, bank areas (east side), and under boulders in flood zone. Good black sand in the concentrate, but ended up with fines and only a few small flakes (less than 0.1 gm total—see photo in finishing pan). Not sure why we didn’t do better, but the claim appeared to be heavily worked. It’s a beautiful location and easy to get to, so we may be back next spring. One additional note-someone is mining up under the bridge and leaving unsightly equipment on the river.