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K ABLE #56789101112

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For K ABLE #56789101112 — 2x4

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Jeremy Lawson
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Off of HWY 178 just inside of the mouth of Kern Canyon around in Kern river. Must cross river North side.


Steep grade down — 2x4

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Robert Mahurien
Step 1 of 1

Parking - it's a dirt turn out 2 cars will fit, going by cords ingress is about 50 yards north east from parking, seen a stack of rocks as I pass and stopped at first turn out going south, looked at Google map, looked like I barley passed it. To the water - about 50-70 yards down with large rocks to step on. Area - fast moving water some areas to set sluice, large calm pool after rough water, not sure the depth. Me and my son went to see how it was and ready to do some sluicing but realized this was different.