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El Paso Mountains Iron Canyon (EP11)

14 1
Clint Matkovich
Step 1 of 1

Spring 17- 4x4 IS A MUST!! Caution: mines are found in the area
Beautiful in the spring with some nice Desert wildlife. Several places for crevice sampling. Tried some holes that someone had previously dug. We got stuck in the sand, so was not able to explore more than a few spots. Nothing found this first trip but hope to try again.


Yes there is yellow on claim...

12 0
Steve Spies
Step 1 of 2

I spent some time hunting was a hike but I did find a lil nuggy with my gmt...


Definitely going back to explore further

9 0
Bill McCoy
Step 1 of 2

Stopped by this claim while I was in the area but had very little time to explore. It was maybe and hour before sundown and had my better half with me (she's not into playing in the dirt). So it was a very quick stop indeed.

On the north end of the claim near the fork in the road, there was some interesting rock/soil. Looks like lots of quartz stringers in some other dark rock. (Sorry, I'm not able to identify and didn't have my phone for pictures). Detected there but didn't find anything other than 2 bullet fragments in about 30 minutes. The fragments were right next to each other so I didn't get the impression that the area was trashy. I wouldn't mind going back to detect further.


Dang kids make it look so easy.

8 0
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I've only been to this claim once a few years ago, but didn't write a review. Being it hasn't had any reports of gold being found I thought I should mention that there is gold on this claim. I spent three days checking the claim out using a Goldbug 2 and was still learning how to use it, although I didn't find any gold MD'ing this trip, that evening my daughter wanted something to do so I found her a crevice in the main wash for her to dig at and screen into a 5 gallon bucket. When we got home I ran her bucket of concentrates and she had found a few grains of gold in that crevice, she was so proud that she found her first gold and more gold than I did. So there is gold on this claim and someday I plan on finding my share MD'ing.


Finally came back

6 0
Phillip Swain
Step 1 of 1

Well finally made it back out here. My buddy Mark and I went out last weekend and did some metal detecting. Found alot of lead and iron but no gold. Lots of area to still detect so will be back out again soon. Looks like dry washer would be something to use out here