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Fractures are Your Friend

14 0
Kevin Bell
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Fractured bedrock and horizontal shear deserves most of your focus. Plenty of material can be pulled from crevices, shattered face material and the transition from horizontal to vertical. Plenty of fallen vertical material also needs to be processed. Don’t get stuck in one place too long - keep working upstream. Bring several types of crevicing and prying tools. Long sleeves and gloves are suggested since there is overgrowth. Definitely worth spending a couple days at this claim


Beautiful claim and campsite...that's about it

8 0
Brian Koopowitz
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Gave this claim 1 star for it's beauty, easy access, and awesome private campsite...but that's all it seems to have going for it IMO. Ran about 35 buckets through my Keene A52S sluice using material dug and creviced from various locations throughout the claim and only ended up with some fly-poop gold that probably added up to .01g. Even brought the come-along winch to move boulders. The gold on this claim is not worth the effort given the opportunities at other GPAA claims.


Don't Forget to Pack Your Detector

6 0
Kevin Bell
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Lots of fractures, trees and indentations to catch gold during high water flows. Material depth varied from a few inches to just over a foot. Lots of upstream access coupled with fractured host rock provides a wealth of target opportunities. Picked up some trash targets, mostly ammo brass. That will probably diminish as you work upstream.


Very Pretty Place with Easy Access

6 1
Wayne Hubbard
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But NO color. Too bad.


No gold

3 0
Echo Resco
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Went up there 5/19/23 and stayed for 2 days with 2 other members and cleared the camp spot area from the fallen trees. We sluiced, creviced, and sniped and we have never gotten skunked on a gpaa claim until this trip, turned out to be a great camping trip