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Great Area With Great Gold

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Garrett Bliss
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The creek was flowing slowly but enough to get our sluice into a good spot. I ended up damming the area before the sluice box however and I didn't set up the sluice box correctly because I caused too much water to flow into it and flush out all the gold. Super bummed but I know there is gold here because I took a few test pans and the gold in them was amazing. The first pan of the day I panned had a decent sized flake. This was behind a big rock that is above the water line near the ingress point. Even though I only brought a flake and three flour gold pieces home, this place was amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone. There is a lot of potential here and I only covered the smallest area of the entire 160 acres that are present here. Currently the drive may be quite long but its worth it to drive here, even if everything is burned out. Its close to the Lost Dredge claim (RIP L.D.) where an old mine was located, showing that this area has a history in gold and that there is still gold here.


3rd visit to claim

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Dillon Silveira
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Greenhorn visited first time just to check it out, panned a bit and found nothing, went back second time with a 50” sluice and ran 3 buckets of material from gravel under big boulder in previous creek flow area, nothing but black sand and ironstone. 3rd time I tried some material from under big boulders and crevices that were on bedrock on a dry run off into the creek and found nothing.