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Access Blocked By Fallen Trees — 2x4

4 1
Wayne Hubbard
Step 1 of 1

Although someone has been clearing the trees off the roads, the washout still remains as of 5/13 and there are still plenty of fallen trees blocking the road to Delta1. Couldn't even make it to Delta1 on a quad. Not that bad of a hike though.


It's open, i think — 2x4

3 0
Robert Edwards
Step 1 of 1

Went up around there in a Prius as of today (although not ALL the way). May30. Water flowing pretty good.


Roads closed — 4x4

3 0
Steven Litwiller
Step 1 of 1

As of 2022 the roads remain closed by the forestry department due to the Caldor wildfire of 2021. Logging is currently going on and road closed signs are present. The forestry service has police monitoring the area so no need in trying to get to these claims.


Easy Drive, Potential Hiking — 2x4

3 0
Garrett Bliss
Step 1 of 1

The drive up to Delta 1 is fairly easy and can be done on a 2X4 vehicle. The 2X4 vehicle I drove did fine and made it easily to the claim. Only issue is I took a different turn because they were burning old trees from Caldor fire. There were no trees in the road because the workers have logged all the trees from Caldor fire and set them off to the side to light them on fire. Because I took a different turn I had to hike into the ingress point on overgrown roads that are impassible on car. There is a road right next to the ingress point that seems to be the perfect road to drive in on but we didn't want to interfere with and workers and there burn piles. The entire area is depressing because of how dead everything is. Its pretty in some areas though.


DELTA 1 / DGD claim — 4x4

3 2
Richard Moos
Step 1 of 1

July 15 2017 my brother and i cleared a few trees before the turn by culvert then chainsaw wouldn't restart so marked spot for the DGD to come up and clear the road sometime .