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Rock Creek Riches — 2x4

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Jeff Utberg
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1. From Placerville in El Dorado County take Hwy 49 north .8 miles to the Hwy 193 junction; veer right onto Hwy 193.
2. Go 3.1 miles on Hwy 193 and turn right onto Rock Creek Road.
3. Go 5.5 miles on Rock Creek Road to a dirt turnout on the right where you'll park; this turnout is located about 100 feet past the Rock Creek bridge. To reach the northern edge of the claim, walk to the end of the short, downhill road that veers off to the right from the dirt turnout.


Real Easy Drive - All Paved Roads — 2x4

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Brandon Cooper
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Google maps takes you directly there, same directions Jeff posted. I parked in the same turnout he mentioned about 100 feet past the bridge on the right side of the road. The claim starts right after the bridge so you can hike down past the power plant pretty easily (everything is graded nicely).


Didnt see a claim marker for GPAA — 2x4

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I parked right at the green gate.. When I got there I noticed another parties claim sign..O walked down the gravel road until the I saw the picnic bench..I then saw another private claim sign next to the picnic bench still no marker for GPAA claim? So I never ended up mining