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Jon Owens
Step 1 of 2

The wash was still too damp to run anything through the drywasher and panning samples didn't have anything so I had to look elsewhere.
Noticed there were diggings on the side so ran a couple buckets of that. It was 95% dirt, with a little bit of rock. Wasn't expecting anything, but did get 5 pepper flakes.
Lots of old digging signs, rocks stacked up every 10 feet, lots of old drywash piles.


Bee careful

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Jon Owens
Step 1 of 1

Returned to get a better run since last time was too damp. Wash has since dried out to use the drywasher.

Probably actually dug for an hour or so, with clean ups every 15 min. 4 total.

Once it warmed up the Bees seemed too interested in my activities. I'm ok with them doing their thing but don't appreciate them buzzing my face and following me around.

There might be some decent color here if you can put in a longer day.