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Tuscarawas, OH

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KLEE Property

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I took the sluice box but the river(The Big Sandy) was too high and swift. There was a rain there the night before. By the time I left the river was slowing down and clearing up some. So, I just spent a few hours panning. I got some small flakes. While I was there, a work crew of about 10-12 people came in with members and officers of OSPA and GPAA. They did a great job clearing weeds, grass, fallen timbers and brush along the river to make more room for parking and tents along the river. They also cleared a 1/2 to 1 acre field at the rear of the crop field for more room. They did a heck of a job. More clearing needs to be done along the river side. There are no port-a-potties there yet or dumpster, (as of 6-1-20) but i was told that they are working on that. This is a new claim.


the klee property

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walter brunoni
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i did not use any equipment because i could not make it back there, you will need a 4x4 to reach the site, it is pretty easy to find .


Klee claim

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Russell Lynch
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Easy to get to. I also did not test pan. Water is fast moving at this time. River is wide and at lower levels should be a great place for dredgers. I walked the entire claim and saw no visible claim markers although there are a couple “OSPA” signs. One located at the North end of the bridge, left side. Access appears to good but the ground is still extremely wet.


Klee Claim

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Manuel Juarez Jr
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Water is still very high due to recent rains. Access road was a little muddy but still accessible by car. Easy to get to. Will return when it lowers. GPAA sign noticeable with arrow pointing to access road. Don't waste your time going here as water is still very high and muddy.


Klees claim 6/5/2020

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Russell Lynch
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Water level? High