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Idaho, ID

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End of the Road rough directions — 2x4

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Jordan Ray
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Was in the area to move a relative into Elk City, I did not however find any of the new claims but am employing Google maps to get you within a stones throw of the claim.
From Grangeville head East and take the Mt. Idaho Rd. to Hwy 14 (either Hwy 13 or Mount ID Rd will both hit Hwy 14 but one is 9 miles longer). I do not recommend travel in the area during the Winter months. The Mt. ID rd drops down into the valley much like Italian Bar road but much nicer so a 5th wheel or RV can handle the trip at least to Elk City. However, the trip to any of the new claims will require just a truck or SUV due to switchbacks and steepness. Proceed East around 40 miles to Newsome Bridge Road on left and drive uphill to the Bear Creek/ Ox Bow camp grounds. Turn West onto West Fork Rd and thru the private property area. According to the Pick and Shovel claim map (Aug/ Sep 19 pg. 4) the claim ingress and Eastern boundary touch the private property. If anyone gets to visit this claim please provide an update to these directions (4x4?). Looking at this web link ( Link doesn't work search for Elk City Wagon Trail on the Rider planet website) you can see that Newsome Bridge road is smooth and wide and a 4x2 should be enough to get you to the claim. Elk City does have a campground, 2 stores, one has diesel and 97 octane gas (about 30 cents more than Grangeville), auto items/ oils, nuts/ bolts and a restaurant; the other store further up the hill has a wide selection of grocery items. Good luck!


Usa and end of the road — 2x4

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Thomas Lamos
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Complete review and directions