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Tallapoosa, AL

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Short day

3 0
Jeremy Coradi
Step 1 of 1

Dredge for about 2 hours finally hit some decent gravels about 3 ft down when I had mechanical issues and had to stop still for what little bit that we did had decent finds. I will be coming back


Good new claim!

4 0
Joshua Ingram
Step 1 of 1

We ran our dredge for just a few hours and got some decent fine stuff. It's tucked in between a few old mines so it's in a good area. Had a good time walking around with Adam Broach and checking everything out. I'll be back soon....


Nice place

5 0
Warren Wyman
Step 1 of 1

Went last weekend and dredged for a day. We camped out there sat. Night. Ran a 2.5 inch dredge all day Sunday. Found some real fine gold. Adam broach was there the alabama state director and he was real helpful on showing me around.


I can help clear area

2 0
Warren Wyman
Step 1 of 1

I can help contact me. Tried to figure out how to send a message to Adam.


Sample Testing

10 0
Adam Broach
Step 1 of 2

While testing this creek myself and fellow GPAA member Steve Mckinstry panned about middle way of the leased section of the creek, we did find gold, a few flakes per pan, dredging and highbanking would be more productive. Down stream we have had great success dredging, and a friend who is a geologist says this area has gold in it, up stream a small gold mine (placer) operated in the early 1900's