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Treasure Island Camp

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Hood, TX

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The Long Trip From California to Texas — 2x4

7 1
Melina DeAnda
Step 1 of 8

The street address for the Treasure Island Camp is 8317 River Ct, Granbury, TX 76048. This camp is easily accessible when you follow Google maps or use the GPS link for the ingress point provided in the Online Mining Guide. I will be making the trip starting from the I-10 East in Beaumont, CA and driving to Treasure Island Camp in Granbury, TX. The trip is roughly 1,312 miles, so I will be highlighting some points of interest along the way and will include a stop at GPAA Claim, “Friendship Maybe, Maybe Not” in Sonita, Arizona.


How to access the river/creek on site. — 2x4 or 4x4

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Jason Van Gilder
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The road into the camp is a little rough and can a bit tricky for a 2WD to get out. I had a little wheel slippage. Once you enter the camp drive straight back and follow the road to the left. At the next corner the road slops down and to the left where the creek joins the river. I parked my car outside of this road and packed in by hand as it would be 4WD only due to some muddy patches.


Using Phone GPS with Address — 2x4

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Howard Finch
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Good directions using GPS ingress point coord's
IF using your phone GPS by entering the address DO NOT use the " - " between the numbers, it will direct you 25 miles away.


Careful with GPS address, bumpy road but doable — 2x4

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Austin Wolters
Step 1 of 1

Be very careful with how you input the address if you are using your phone GPS. You need to enter the full address (w/ the zip code included) or it will send you on the wrong side of the lake. Also be aware it is just SE of the town Granbury and is not actually located in Hood, TX as you might first think based on the website. It is located in Hood county, but not the city which is quite a ways north. Once you get the address entered properly it is an easy drive to the property w/ the only issue being a very bumpy but doable road down to the campsites. As long as you go slow even cars should be fine. The road looked to have drainage pipes and significant rocks that should help it from getting too muddy in the rain. I did have 1 or 2 bars of ATT Cell service in the camp. The town of Granbury is also a nice quaint Texas town if you want to grab nearby dinner or drinks in the old school main street.