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Perfect name for the claims.

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I would like to think that the original naming for these claims came from the large number of fault lines that intersect throughout the claim. Each offering a different type of prospecting opportunities. Drywashing and detecting will be the most common forms of prospecting the claims but Highbanking in the wetter months will be something that I look forward to as well.
There is a lot of low brush on the claim and open areas making the use of large coils for detecting problematical in some great looking ground.
I went to what I would consider the normal places I would detect (high mineralization, vuggy quartz and other indicator minerals) and tried a number of places on the claim. In one area the coil on the 7000 was almost unusable but after forcing the coil onto the ground and under some scrub, I was able to score 2 nice nuggets.
I will be heading back with different detectors and much smaller coils to cover the ground more efficiently.


looks good

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Tried detecting with my sdc 2300 and a monster 1000. I had no luck. Spent the whole day Last Monday detecting and finally switches to a little dry washing. Found a total of 4 flecks.

Update 3/20/2019. Detected most of the day. Around every bush/tree, every depression, every contact zone. Found nothing for my efforts. There are quit a few places the old timers were looking for load gold but after a few feet they seem to give up on the area. Tried dry washing and also crevicing for the last couple hours of the day. Run 2 buckets and got 5 little flakes.


A lot to see, great terrain

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Edward Balulis
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Spent the day starting at the center of the west side dry washing , test panning and detecting, had no luck with the detector, test panned about 9 areas, found 1 flex, did some crevicing found a few more flex's, did dry wash 3 1/2 buckets from bed rock just out of wash and had 2 flex, it's a great looking claim just need more time tracking down Mr. Gold.


Three faults

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Tad Hamilton
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found 2 pickers out there so far i have seen some getting gold in some of the smaller Washes


There's still Gold here....

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Will Faulkner
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I was only able to spend 3-4 hours on this claim but did find a nice yellow beauty. Plan to go back when I have more time.

Kevin's point about the N-NE tracks being difficult is accurate.........ATV would be best,

I detected with a SDC 2300, you're not going to be able to use a very big coil here unless you stay in the Wash.