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HWY 60 INGRESS through Monarch Wash — 2x4 or 4x4

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From Wickenburg – Southeast on Hwy 60. The safest way is to travel to the Rest Area and make a U-turn heading back to Wickenburg and turn right onto W Pepperwood Cir immediately after crossing over Monarch Wash.
From PHX – Travel Northwest on Hwy 60 and turn right onto Pepperwood Cir immediately after crossing over Monarch Wash.
33°55'5.58" - 112°40'36.02"


GPS Correction for THREE FAULT — 4x4

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In the recent GPAA Claim Update publication the GPS coordinates for the THREE FAULT claim were published from the master incorrectly. The printed coordinates are for a Montana GPAA claim. Below are the correct GPSS for all corners. Ingress and center of claim above are correct.

NW 33 57 10.32" -112°37'44.39"
NE 33 57 10.34" -112 37 28.73"
SE 33°56'57.44" 112°37'28.78"
SW 33 56 57.42" -112 37 44.32"


Three Faults via Monarch Wash — 4x4

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John Watkins
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About 1/2 mi west of the US 60 rest area east of Wickenburg you will find Monarch Wash.


Three faults — 2x4 or 4x4

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Tad Hamilton
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turn on Pepperwood Cir on right you will find a low gate enter there go over wash take road it will head into Monarch wash for about 1.50 miles turn right onto 9224 to the claim