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Little Nugget...

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Allen Jennings
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I now have enough square nails to build a small house, a mule shoe, part of a pick and rock rake, and finally a little gold! It was only an inch down right next to a rock making it tough to get a signal on but it hit enough times for me and it payed off. .7 grams. Was using a TDI SL SE.


No Gold.....YET!

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Allen Jennings
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Very interesting Claim. It appears the old timers dug rows of ditches from the creek outward, down to bedrock. Hand stack boulders tells me that machinery was not used and tons of square nails and trash tell me not a lot if any people have detected the area. My research says that the area produced "course" gold, I don't know if anything big enough for my TDI SL to see came out of it but that's not stopping me from trying! A good VLF might do better than a PI but hot rocks in the area are numerous. Going back this weekend for another try and plan on working the creek a little with a pan and detecting more of the ditches.


Bring your Loop!!

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Jeffrey Allen
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We went last year the claim is beautiful and you can get in the creek easy it has tiny gold bring a 1/8th,20,30,50 your gold should be in the 50mesh size or smaller. Picture has a Garnet and bigger gold from a different claim.