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Directions Update 9-24-18 — 2x4

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Allen Jennings
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Sierra Pacific has closed the road in from Sterling City due to fire danger. Best way in now is to drive north of Inskip and take Humbug Summit Rd. east. Drive until Philbrook Rd., which is well marked, turn south on it and follow until you come to Concow Rd. (it is also well marked) just past Lake Philbrook. Road is rocky in spots but 4x2 would have no problem (no low-riders though!)


Little Johnny — 2x4

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Spencer Jennings
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As of 07/18/2018, road conditions make taking Concow Rd. out of Sterling City the best route. It is currently much quicker than going in through Inskip. No claim markers, so a GPS unit or GPS phone app are handy.