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Sasquatch #1

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Yavapai, AZ

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Pocket gold and no signs of Bigfoot, yet.

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We have a friend who dredged this spot (6 mile crossing) back in the early 2000’s and found really nice gold. Some large stuff of up to 1/8 ounce and lots of fine gold. We had good success in cracking bedrock and panning the material in the cracks. This creek has good water most of the year which is surprising for Arizona. We’ve heard it holds water year round, but will have to see later this summer.


Sasquatch#1 review

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Darrell Robinett
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We worked the area with a dredge and sluice had no luck in the creek if you are going here with high hopes of good gold there is not much we had our best success crevicing however for an awesome area and great mineral prospecting this claim is awesome the scenery is beautiful and there is great opportunities for rock hounding I look forward to returning just to revisit the area with family


on the way to Mikes

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Jeff Salcedo
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sounds good


Great looking area

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Doyle McCandless
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Came to see if it is viable to come here for a week or two. Absolutely! I poked around with the Monster and viewed some nice panning areas. I will be back.