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Directions to Dickinson #2, 3.2 miles from Stanton — 4x4

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To get to this claim from Stanton LDMA Camp, take a left out of camp onto Stanton Rd which almost immediately becomes Octave Rd. Follow this road to what locals call decision corner. Take the right or center fork (these go to the same place). Continue on Octave to Power Line Rd. Follow the sign that says powerline Rd Right or South (or you could also follow the powerlines). Once on this road, I like to stay to the right of the power lines because the road is a little smoother. Continue following the power lines south until you come to "the hill". Note that there are two roads that go down this decent, you will want to stay to the right unless you want an extreme off-road experience. Once you come to the bottom of the hill take the first right (this road goes down into and then out of a wash). As you come to the top of the hill leading out of the wash you will see a purple topped side post. This is Dickinson #2. The north boarder of the claim follows this road, so stay to the south of the road to avoid claim jumping. This road pulls off the claim as it descends into Weaver creek so you will need to go to the bottom of the hill and take the first left to return to the claim and the area of the claim that contains a small piece of Weaver Creek.


Dickinson 2 from Stanton AZ — 2x4 or 4x4

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John Watkins
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I have driven in and out of this claim with 2x4 but 4x4 could be necessary when muddy or after a rain. Roads in this area can be sticky and slippery.
From Stanton go about 1.8mi east/ south on Octave Rd to Decision Corner.


From Blythe, CA — 2x4 or 4x4

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Tamara Glover
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I-10 E to the US-60E (exit 31 off the 10) I suggest two things on the US-60E 1-watch your speed it changes constantly as you go thru the little towns of Brenda, Hope, Salome anywhere from 65-35 without warning. 2- Fuel up in this area last chance until Congress.