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Water Runs Year-Round, Gold is in the high benches

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This is originally a load claim with coarse gold being held in the green slate and lode gold and copper in angled veins. However, there are pockets of placer gold deposited on top of the highest points of the claim when the river used to run 50'-70' higher than the current level. These deposits are pocketed with some very rich deposits. The river only has gold at the bedrock because when the river rises, it is often raging 20-30' deep. There are at least two waterfalls buried by car sized boulders. WARNING!!!!! This area does have gold that is encased in Sodium Arsenic!!!!! This black rock in found occasionally inside the green slate and attached to quartz. It is dangerous to crush and deadly to smelt. Please consult a Geologist if you have any doubt.

Email Fred Dickinson if you have any questions at


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james wright
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I went to find this claim this weekend, and the road is gated by Wanda street, I don't know if its a temporary thing due to rains or not, but the only way I can see you getting here is to walk down from the black canyon city trailhead/bike trail. great spot if you could just get to it, I used a quad and got across the river but no turn south. Cant go down the river, boulders to big,,, huge,,, I might call the blm to find out if this will be open..