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Accessing the wash downstream of Hoopla, Hogwash — 4x4

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Edward Larsen
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I visited Hooplah and Hogwash on 9/19/22 and had a hard time finding an access point, thus this write-up. The washes in the area drain from SW to NE. I recommend using Google Earth to plot the corner coordinates of the claims. It can be seen on the map that the claims straddle the 2nd wash to the SSE of the large White Elephant wash. A 4WD is likely required. I was driving a Jeep Gladiator Mohave.
The beginning of access is via Gold Basin Rd. Go the the road junction at 35 52' 7.61", 114 13' 59.40", and turn south on this road. Follow the main path SE about 0.2 mi. keeping to the right and head downhill into the wash. Note, this downhill is rough so a 2WD may not make it back out. Cross the wash at the bottom and bear left following the path in an easterly direction for for about 0.1 mi. At 35 51' 56.16, 114 13' 42.72" there is a path to the right, SSW, that will cross a fence line. At this fence is a "GSSN" and "NE Desert Dog4" sign. Follow the path across the fence line and down into the wash. You are now in the wash downstream from the claims which are SW. I turned SW at the wash bottom and followed it upstream about 0.2 miles and parked. After this I walked about 0.2 miles further up the wash to the claim border. A smaller 4WD may be able to drive to the claim border. I placed a 4-rock marker with quartz on top at about the GPAA ingress point. I scared-up a Mohave Green rattlesnake while detecting on a Hooplah hillside so be careful. The photo views SW up the Hooplah wash.