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San Miguel, CO

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San Miguel River — 2x4

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Benjamin Crain
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The new claims opened up are near mile marker 90 and 91 out of Ridgeway. From Ridgeway take HWY 62 to the West and bypass the turn off Telluride and continue straight, do not take a left to Telluride. At this point the HWY becomes 145, about 2 miles further their is a great camp site called Caddis Flats. As you drive down the road keep an eye on your left for marker posts with yellow federal mining signs. Look for a entrance on the left around mile marker 90, this is the FLW claim. The next claim is down the road about a mile and this is River Gold 3. These claims have gold but the richest claim on the river is down stream and it is recreational meaning no powered equipment, pry bars and suction tubes work best to get the gold out of the bedrock. To get there you must drive over the Norwood Bridge, which upstream is also recreational, drive almost to Naturita and you will see a sign for a right turn up a hill to go to HWY 90. As you crest the hill you will see a power plant and the road of HWY 90 turns to the right near the plant. Follow that road until you reach the Pinon Bridge, it's the only one you will come across and it is green. Make a immediate Right onto a dirt road(BB36), at that point you are on the claim and just look for a good place to park and you will see some nice trails to get in that have been made before.

If you continue down the BB36 Road there are two excellent BLM campsite, but please don't prospect there, they are privately owned claims. Make sure to fill your holes and stay at least 2 feet from the high water mark. 

Sorry for the late response, I have had a recent head injury and my wife is having to remind me to do things. Sorry for the late update, any questions please call.