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Arkansas Group - Hot Run #1, Hot Run #2, Goldit #1, Goldit #2, Re Run, Deer Run

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Plenty of fine gold

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The campground is small, probably not made for trailers, but I got my small trailer in ok. I just went down below the campgrounds and worked. The river is moving fast and there were a lot of rafters on the river and using the campground to park.


Working out of town

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Shane Helsel
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Had to work out of town for two weeks so I threw some gear in the truck for the holiday weekend , found the cliam easily, first test hole by a large rock had around a dozen color in the pan so I didn't bother trying anywhere else , a lot of black sands, I used a mini highbanker, thought i did pretty well


Great Family Area!

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I have pleasant memories of this area...Entire Arkansas River, from headwaters south of Leadville to Salida, is loaded with flour gold. The deeper you dig, the larger the gold gets. Also check out County Road 371 on the east side of the Arkansas River north of Buena Vista at Elephant Rock campground. Take the road north out of Buena Vista, it crosses the Arkansas just north of town and follows the river on the old railroad grade, including the old tunnels. Park in the wash parking area, adjacent to Elephant Rock Campground (primitive) and hike to the river. The rapids upstream are called “The Frogs” (responsible for kayaker deaths ☠️). Area from “The Frogs” downstream is loaded with flour gold and was not under claim when I was last there. FYI,Tom Massie even filmed a segment there when he prospected Colorado and found excellent color! Like Tom, I found a few small pickers in this area and nice flaky gold with some strategic digging. Even found a very old brass conductor’s button with a steam locomotive on it from the old railroad days in my sluice...really cool find. Please go low profile and backfill your foxholes so as not to lose access. About a quarter mile downstream from “The Frogs” is a deep plunge pool where you can see indications of an old bridge crossing. I pulled excellent gold from the bedrock crevices here, and the deep pool has BIG trout (and I am certain, LOTS of GOLD). Fix your eyes on light colored bottom rocks and you will see the large silhouettes of trout swim over them...unfortunately I did not have time to fish. October, when the river is low, is the best time to prospect this area (fewer people as well). ALSO, check out my secret location on the Country Boy Mine post in Summit County, Colorado. I always used to hit the location in conjunction with my trips to the Arkansas River claims, and the always faithful💰🏆🎖CACHE CREEK (Granite, Colorado) were my FIRST gold was found. Good luck and God Bless.


Little work, goes a long way

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Not too bad for a couple of hours of work/play Per day we were there. Think I did about 4, 1/4" classified 5 gallon buckets 3/4's full per day. Have yet to run cons. Have about 4.5 gallons of -20 cons to run on a rainy day.

Equipment used: Keene A52 small river sluice, Arbor fabricating 1/4 reinforced classifier, shovel and 3 buckets, My wife and I


arkansas river group

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Kelly Levitt
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4 days using my grizzly sluice found a little color,all flour,and abit of fines.lots of rafters on river.water is running good but storms can change that in minutes in afternoons. places to camp can be tight ,as rafters dominate camp spots.egress point is spot-on.tons of black sand will keep your pan on work-overload. don't overlook other places in area to enjoy. please remember rattlers are in vicinity,,be safe and good luck !! would also add this ,,people have not been filling in dig holes, please folks this is a high-use area . all holes not refilled show irresponseabilty and reflect negittivity to our industry and hobbies