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5 hrs -No results

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Peter vanderHeiden
Step 1 of 1

Spent 5hrs detecting wash below quartz vein in picture and 2 mines to the left of the vein. Tesoro LST. Also a little dry panning. Not a flake. Rough terrain once you get off rd. Found nothing.


5 hrs -No results

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Peter vanderHeiden
Step 1 of 1

5hrs detecting wash below 2 mines on private property. Also what looks like quartz vein.


Trying out my new GM 1000

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Rodney Godbey
Step 1 of 1

Went to the claim on Feb 14 and 17th. Claim marker was missing on the ingress pole but was per the coordinates. Detected a couple of dry washes off of the road going in. Terrain is very steep and the vegetation is very thick. I found bullets, shell casings, bird shot and lead fragments but no shiny stuff. Maybe next time. Very beautiful area.