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Deadwood Creek Gold

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Good gold can be found working the bedrock cracks and panning out the gold. Go to the smaller southern group of claims up stream and work the exposed granite bedrock cracks. Bring tools to break bedrock, like pry bars. Plenty of room to camp. More gold can be recovered using a sluice or a highbanker to increase production. You can use metal detectors, sluice boxes, gold pans, highbankers, dredges, and trommels to prospect.


highbanking on deadwood

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I worked the east side of creek along tree line found fair amount of gold was very thin hard to pan but was worth it. also try breaking bedrock and cleaning out cracks!



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Thomas Lamos
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Complete video report


South SCA Group HB Dredge Detector

6 0
Sterling Talbot
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I prospected the south end of the southern most claim (furthest up stream) serial number ORMC155876 the week of 7/12/21. Used my small highbanker that is good for samples. I dug 3 or 4 holes around the creek. Only came up with a few flakes. Next time up I might work bedrock on northern claims.


Got some gold

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Benjamin Belfiglio
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First time out there. Spent a couple days exploring, crevicing and panning but not full time prospecting. The entire valley has been worked multiple times so hard to read where gold might have been left behind. Few flakes here and there panning, but did find one decent bedrock crack that pulled about a gram out of, had to move a big boulder to get to it. Lots of areas of bedrock exposed, but has been worked hard and takes some prospecting to find a good area, but some nice flakes are around.