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Northern Black Hills Geode Beds

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Amazing Geodes

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From the GPAA Claims Department:
If you would like to take a shot at collecting amazing Geodes venture into the Geode beds of the Black Hills in Imperial County, California, at the far eastern edge of the Colorado Desert.
The black Hill site hosts a great deal of well-known deposits of geodes and nodules.
This is a new site listed in the Online Mining Guide and information on collecting and member’s photos are needed.
Driving direction need additional verification, photos are also needed of landmarks along the way to help members locate the area with ease.


Fun dig

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Aliece Rasmussen
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This was a fun adventure. There are geodes broken and all over the ground. It is a good thing there was a couple camping there to direct us. Best place to dig is in the greenish dirt at the west side of the drainage. The geodes we found look dark and small crystals. Found quite a few nodules. Fun digging.


Found one but not at the right spot

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Gabriel Clum
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This was my first ever trip to the geode beds, well I guess since I didn’t actually make it to the beds, first half trip. I found a geode and many other interesting rocks. We ended up heading out a dirt road to Ashley flats. Between the arroyos there are rock fields. Just start walking a d looking. NO they aren’t everywhere and I have no idea where to dig for them. Found them on the surface.