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GPAA East Boundry

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please note The East boundary, Ten Mile creek goes off the GPAA claim then back on to it. I will try to mark where the GPAA claim ends. The claim owner to the East can be grumpy at times, please stay on the GPAA Claim



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This claim falls under the guidelines of a few different agencies Prospecting is only allowed IN THE WATER. you can not dig on the stream bank or any dry ground. In the water Only


Short trip from Helena

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David Holt
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I can't really rate the claim as this trip was Just a short couple of hours at the claim to check things out on a vacation trip from AZ. Decent enough flow to be able to use my sluice (wish I had brought my Vermont gold trap to try it out in a real flowing creek) but you're restricted to the stream bed only. Just a few flecks and super fine flour but the access is super easy (literally just off Rimini Rd and close to Helena) and the scenery is beautiful. Maybe better luck next time if I have a few days to prospect more of Tenmile Creek.


Prospector Dean's intel on the new MT claims

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Dean Olson
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See prospecting tips for Kamsie claim