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Friendship Review

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Ben Reynolds
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This claim has been worked pretty hard at the Center Entry point. If you are willing to walk upstream a bit, you may have a bit more luck. I dug along bedrock until I hit bottom and worked the clay deposit I found. There were a few small flakes caught in the clay. I washed some of the sand and found a few more. Nothing to brag about though. Still had a good time, not too hard to get to. Regular clearance SUV will get you there. Don't take Mom's Buick or you are going to owe her an oil pan.


Maybe / Maybe not

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Steve Barthelmy
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We got here in the evening to escape the summer heat. My brother and I set up camp and our highbanker recirculating sluice. Temperature cooled off nicely after sun set. Got up early and ran about 6 buckets of material from the gravel layer 4' up from the wash where someone else had prospected earlier. Found 6 grains of very fine gold. Check out Kentucky Camp while here. A lot of men prospected for gold during the great depression to feed their families. It's a few miles up the road.


Friendship, MayBe Maybe Not

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David White
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First time at these two claims. GPS is spot on. Easy to get to, dirt road in good shape. Lots of cattle in the area and water for them in several spots. Dry area and a creek bed on the south west side that looks like most of the activity might be for panning. Did some metal detecting for a few hours. Did not find anything. Area is fairly clean of trash. Good to get out and enjoy the outdoors.



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Jeff Salcedo
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maybe more of a panning site