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Little geology goes a long way here

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I have prospected this claim a number of times over the years and have had great days and really bad days. The bad days are mostly of my own doing by wandering around looking for something new.
Like the entire area there are a number of bedrock faults that run in a number of directions.
When scouting a spot for Drywashing, I follow the flow of the rain.
Through the center of the claim running SW to the NE (kinda) you will see that there is low lying area. Any of the bedrock areas of contact or crossing contact points are well worth testing.
There are a few of these contact zones that cross the exposed bedrock and if you follow those and follow the surface minerals where the bedrock drops, I have found a few pockets in these spots.


Old yeller

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Jon Owens
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4x4 or quad required. High clearance 2wd with locker should be able to get around. Off camber road with loose rock. Nothing crazy, but definitely no cars.

Not much shade, so plan accordingly.

Decent fines to be had, but its spotty and changes quickly. Don't touch the fine sand, its a trap. Sample your work area before you waste the day.

I used the recirc high banker and found decent color.