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Country Boy Mine

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country boy mine

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beside the fact that this is not a GPAA claim,it's not even open to the public unless you pay.I'm not sure why this is a listed GPAA claim!Perhaps someone can explain why it is listed as such?


Prospecting On The Edge of Country Boy Mine

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Found nothing at the Country Boy Mine, BUT, the wife has dropped me off at my SECRET location on several occasions while she shopped Breckinridge. Take County Road 985 north of Breckinridge until it dead ends overlooking Dillion Reservoir. Hike east to above where the Blue River makes a large bend before joining the Dillion Reservoir...large area of dense saplings on the other side. CAREFULLY cross the shallowest part of the river in this area. Awesome 😎 area that’s just LOADED with flour and flake gold, especially the root and moss material. (Secret addition)...The upper inside bend of the river has larger river washed cobblestone as well as larger gold 😉. I only used a small backpack sluice/pan, small shovel, snuffer bottle, and saved my concentrates in a small bucket. Go low profile and leave looking better than you found it. Location belongs to Denver Water Service, according to Wikipedia, and no one has ever said anything to me. By the way, the historical Country Boy Mine tour was interesting with a beautiful view. Loved the miniature donkeys and captured photographs with numerous inexplicable orbs inside the mine👻.
God bless!


This is not a Gpaa claim!!!!

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Adam Good
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This property is a business not a Gpaa claim and should be removed from the listings.


Non GPAA claims are listed

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Tim Leibel
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The mining guide list public open prospecting areas. There are many of these in western
States. Not so many in the East. They also list what are called pay to play spots so members can use them. Sometime these pay areas are much closer to a persons home than the GPAA claims. But the point is to provide as much data as possible. GPAA is always looking for claims and leases.


Anyone ever explain the previous question?

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Eric Calkins
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I’d love to visit here, any new details on this claim?