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There’s gold in them hills

2 0
Coty Moline
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This was my first time out on this claim. I was impressed to say the least. I ran about 10 buckets of 1/2” classified material. I got some fairly coarse material with a nice .15g picker

Definitely plan on going back to this claim and it’s surrounding claims in the future. Going to hit it a little differently next time.


Still finding gold

2 0
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I make two trips a year to this claim and it never disappoints. Found 4 little guys in a couple days in a feeder wash. Nothing in the main wash


NW Vbait

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Finally found my first AZ gold, 3 small nuggets using a GB2 with the small coil. Camped and MD'ed on site for 4 days in the NW area. Covered alot of ground and dug over 200 small signals, found my 3 small nuggets in a small feeder wash near the main wash. I saw a few other folks MD'ing but didn't get a chance to see how they were doing. Busy place, In the 4 days I was there must have seen about 20 people on claim prospecting.


Vulture bait

4 0
Tad Hamilton
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Stay out of the main wash when detecting this claim will make you work for the gold but is there.


There's still gold!

6 0
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My partner and I detected the claim for a few hours and had good results. I've heard people say that this claim has been beat over many times but I can tell you that there is still gold out there to be found! Found nuggets that are almost 2 grams in weight and smaller ones about a grain. Have also picked up a small specimen. When metal detecting, look for signs such as quartz, schist, and contact zones. As always, go low and slow. Listen for the small signals. Most importantly... Have Fun!