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Auburn State Recreation Area

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Secret Revealed

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Wayne Hubbard
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Todd Creek is one of the last gold rich creeks in this area. Most people prospect between the road and the river, which can be good at times, but it is very popular. Secret: Go up above the falls. There is an old mine there. This area seems to be the source of the gold in Todd Creek, but it is very spotty. I picked four large nuggets out of the box after just 20 minutes of sluicing. The area can be accessed by going up the road to the east of the creek and cutting back across cross country and going up the hill. I am too old now to get up there so I'm giving away this secret to GPAA members. Good luck and maybe let me know how you did.


Hands and Pans

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Wayne Hubbard
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The rangers are currently enforcing a "hands and pans only" rule even though the rule was rescinded several years ago.


Exploring Todd Creek

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Brian Koopowitz
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I went to the Todd Creek location (previously described by another member) and bushwhacked up the hill and then cut over to the creek, as recommended in the previous post.

Ended up working in between 2 large waterfalls, although the water flow was minimal and was not enough to use my sluice. Found decent, really course flakes in every the potential is definitely there. Unfortunately, due to the location I was working in, I wasn’t able to explore that much of the creek without expending a ton of energy scrambling up and down the hillside. There is a ton of quartz in the area and I even found a nice terminated specimen.

Disclaimer: the area was quite treacherous. Very steep and slippery hillsides and if you slip in the wrong area, you’re falling a long way. With that being said, I’ll definitely be back to explore more as I think there are probably safer areas...perhaps lower down on the creek, or above the upper waterfall I was working below. Just be careful and choose your spot wisely.


This area allows panning only

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Andreas Maderna
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I am not sure why this is supposed to be a GPAA claim. It is part of a state recreational area that is off limits for prospecting, with the exception of gold panning. This is allowed to every visitor, so not just GPAA members. There are armed park rangers everywhere who will confiscate any equipment beyond a simple gold pan. This listing should be removed.