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Round Mountain Collecting Area

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Tim Leibel
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From linking at the Center point on google maps, I would detect the rim of the old mine pit. Then work down hill to the creek bed. Probably goid vacuum and dry washing spots in the creek bed.


Round Mountain was a bust.

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Went out there today didn't find anything not even a spot to start prospecting didn't see any evidence of an old mine or pit but I'm going to do more research and try again some other time we go out to that general area all the time looking for fire agate I would not suggest going out there without some heavy duty research


fire agate

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James Wright
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Grew up in this area, but had never been here, so i was traveling through and stopped by,, didn't propect for gold, just rockhounding, fire agate everywhere. Me and the wife gathered for about an hour or so, got some nice samples.. fun time.. ingress point is wrong, just use google maps for black hills rock collection area Az...its on the road from Safford to Morenci... in the black hills.. about a mile off main road...sorry i got this confused with another area..